There a several trailheads and a large number of trails to be found in the Sierra National Forest. Several of these criss-cross the wilderness areas offering the hiker an opportunity to view wildlife and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. Here is a link to some trails.

The Sierra National Forest lies on the western slope of the beautiful Sierra Nevada range for which it was named. It isknown for the giant sequoias at McKinley grove as well as the Ansel Adams, Dinkey Creek and John Muir Wilderness Areas.

Terrain ranges from gently rolling, oak-covered foothills along the edge of the great San Joaquin Valley, to the majestic snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada crest.

The Mt. Dana-Minarets Escarpment is one of the forest's scenic highlights, with many of its peaks exceeding 12,000 feet. Hundreds of miles of trails are maintained in the Mammoth-High Sierra area. The highest peak, Mt. Humphrey (13,986 feet), is on the Sierra crest.

There are easy hikes with little elevation change and there are difficult hikes that require the hikers to be in excellent shape. Be sure not to take on an excursion that may be beyond your endurance capabilities.

Many good camping locations, excellent trout fishing holes and perfect spots for outdoor photography are here in the Sierra Nevada backcountry.