There is a Lot to See in the Region 

Okay, enough with the excuses. You say you don't fish, water ski, camp, hunt, ride snowmobiles or like riding horses. That's fine. You can then come visit the Shaver Lake region and spend your time taking in the sights.

When you chose the Shaver Lake region for your vacation, you will find the region is as beautiful and diverse with waterfalls, tall trees, wilflife and breaktaking views as the more well known Yosemite, Kings Canyon or Sequoia National Parks.

This region is known to locals as the "The Best Kept Secret in the Sierra Nevada". Yosemite is known for unusual granite rock formations standing majestically against the clear blue sky.

Well, travel through Kaiser Pass and into the backcountry of Edison and Florence Lakes. Here you will see the same type of inspiring rock formations.

You will also experience them when traveling past the tall Sequoia Trees at McKinley Grove to the Courtright Reservoir. Similiar breaktaking views, yet little traffic to deal with.

The winter offers fantastic views of snow covered peaks, families playing in Snow Parks, people enjoying a cross country ski trip, snowmobiles roaring along and folks enjoys the ski slopes.

From the majestic fire lookout stations to an osprey catching fish to a chipmonk chomping aways on a pine nut, there are scenes to capture around every turn.

The immense variety of flowers and the antics of the wildlife alone can keep you capturing little records of your trip all day long. Take lots of pictures while you here.

Thank heavens you don't have to wait a couple of days after you return home to see the result of your photographic efforts.