RV Camping in the Region

RV Camping has become very popular over the last decade. Many more comforts are available tucked into an shiny RV than rather than sipping up a tent flap. RV campers are usually a little older and have more spare time available to them.

It can be easier to convice your teenage kids to come along when they can still have their computers and other electronic devices available to them while vacationing with you. Now all you have to do if find a way to get them to exit this rectangular home away from home and enjoy the great outdoors!

Driving a 40 foot RV allows you to be completely self contained in many environments. It also comes with a sense of responsibility that many other camper do not have to consider. One of the main issues is using a generator too early in the morning or too late at night.

There are four locations that offer full hookups for RV Campers. They are located at China Peak Mountain Resort, Camp Edison, Lakeshore Resort and Wishon Village RV Resort. All other campgrounds that allow RV units let them stay on a self contained basis.
Badger Flats Campground
(559) 893-2111
Billy Creek Campground
(559) 893-2111
Upper Billy Creek Campground
(559) 893-2111
Camp Edison
(559) 841-3134
College Campground
(559) 893-2111
Deer Creek Campground
(559) 893-2111
Dinkey Creek Campground
(559) 893-2111
Jackass Meadows Campground
( 559) 893-2111
Midge Creek Group Campground
(559) 893-2111
Mono Hot Springs Campground
(559) 893-2111
Mono Creek Campground
(559) 893-2111
Kinnikinnick Campground
(559) 893-2111
Portal Forebay Campground
(559) 855-5355
PG&E Campground Facilities
(559) 297-0706
Rancheria Campground
(559) 893-2111
Dorabella Campground
(559) 841-3533
Vermilion Valley Campground
(559) 893-2111
Wishon Village RV Park
(559) 865-2111