Mountain Biking in the Sierra National Forest

Riding your bike along a mountain road or trail is fun, refreshing and good for your health. Here in Califonrnia's Central Sierra Nevada, there are hundreds of miles of roads, dirt trails and barely passable sections that are explored each year by non-motorized bikers.

A mountain bike is one of the easier items to add to your assortment of things to take with you on a weekend outing or an extended vacation. They hold up well and are easy to maintain. Take an extra tube or two and you are set to travel almost anywhere.

Pay close attention to trail signs and keep off those they do not allow bikes. The U.S. Forest Service is very serious about policing their forest and you need to follow their guidelines. Most of the time, these guidelines are for your own protection.

Watch for wildlife of nearly every variety as you meander along the trail. You can scare up game that is not expecting you.

The China Peak Mountain Resort is set up for mountain bikers. They have a course set up for the summer that is quite challenging.

You can see more about their summer mountain biking program at their website China Peak Mountain Biking. The China Peak Mountain Resort has mountain bike rentals for your convenience.

Taking a camping trip with your mountain bike providing your transportation is adventurous. It's best done with a partner for your mutual safety. This type of travel is not much different from backpacking, except you use your legs to pedal, not walk.

Make sure that you pick a camping spot that is away from water. Keep your campfire in a safe place and hang your food to prevent bears from getting into it.

Group rests after reaching the summit of a Sierra ridge on a clear day.
There are mainy miles of trails to ride in the Sierra National Forest.



Be safe while riding your bikes in the backcountry. Wear protect gear.