Kayak Adventures

Here's a fact. Not everyone likes to fish! So, if others in your group are out trying to catch dinner, you can find a kayak and paddle around the waterways of several Shaver Lake Basin lakes.

Kayaks are fairly easy to take with you when you travel. They fit in the back of pickups, on top of many vehicles and can be trailered. They are easy to launch and don't take much maintenance. They also provide you with exercise and we all hear how basically lazy we are.

One of two can explore the many waterways in the Sierra National Forest in a kayak. No launching ramp is necessary and you don't need fuel. All you have to do is be able to paddle along leisurely and enjoy the beautiful view.

Watch for waterfowl, horseback riders, a great variety of animals and others enjoying themselves. Bring along a lunch, a beverage, sunscreen, a hat, sun glasses and a camera.

Here's another fact for you. Some pretty large trout have been taken by folks fishing from a kayak. As a matter of fact, it's kind of exciting to get towed behind a fish that is trying not to end up in your frying fan.