Cross Country Skiing

Located adjacent to Lakeshore Resort at Huntington Lake Boat Ramp. The Trailhead provides additional parking for the Huntington Lake area. Restrooms and trail information are available at the site. The Huntington Lake Trails are open to snowmobilers, Cross-Country skiers and snowshoers. Please be courteous of other users.

The Huntington Lake area includes the following trails:
Huntington Lake Trail - (easiest) 10.0 miles The trail may be entered from the Kaiser Pass Trailhead or the Huntington Lake Trailhead. From Kaiser Pass Trailhead the trail heads west above Highway 168 below the Rancheria Cabin Tract. It crosses the Huntington Lake Road adjacent to Rancheria Garage and Marina and proceeds through College Campground to the Huntington Lake Trailhead. From this trailhead it proceeds across the Deer Creek Bridge into Deer Creek Campground onto the Huntington Lake Road, which is not plowed in the winter. The trail follows the road toward the town of Big Creek and ends at the Stump Springs road intersection. From this trail you may access the Willow Hill Trail, Grouse Creek Trail, Mushroom Rock Trail, and the Stump Springs Trail. The trails provide many scenic views of Huntington Lake, Bear Butte, China Peak and surrounding country.

Willow Hill Trail - (easiest) 3.0 miles
The trail intersects the Huntington Lake Trail west of the Upper Line Creek cabin tract. The trail stays to the north of the Huntington Lake Road for approximately two miles, passing through Cold Storage Meadow, intersecting the Huntington Lake Road at Billy Creek Campground. This route provides access to the West end of the lake during the spring and an alternate route from the main trail.

Mushroom Rock Trail - (easiest) 7.0 miles
The trail intersects the Huntington Lake Trail approximately 1/2 mile below Dam 3 on the Huntington Lake Trail. It proceeds for about four miles to the Mushroom Rock Vista area. The vista provides views of the San Joaquin River and the San Joaquin Valley. On clear days you can see the Coastal Range. A nice spot for a picnic.

Grouse Creek Trail - (more difficult) 18.0 miles
The trail intersects the Huntington Lake Trail below Dam 3 on Huntington Lake. The trail follows the road on the South Shore of the lake passing the Lakeview Cabin Tract. It proceeds to Dam 2 where it follows a logging road below the dam and continues across the Big Creek Bridge, up to Highway 168 crossing.

It proceeds from the crossing to the intersection of the Coyote Lake Trail and follows a logging road to the Tamarack Creek Bridge. The trail then proceeds to the intersection of the Tamarack Trail and on to the South Fork of Tamarack Creek Bridge then onto the Tamarack Ridge Snowmobile trailhead. This trail and the Huntington Lake Trail provide access to the Tamarack Ridge, Huntington Lake and Kaiser Pass Areas. Along the route is a vista point where views of Kaiser Ridge, Kaiser Peak (elevation 10,4000’) and the Kaiser Wilderness can be enjoyed.

Rancheria Trail - (more difficult) 8.0 miles
The trail intersects the Kaiser Pass Trail approximately 1/2 miles from Kaiser Pass Trailhead and proceeds across Rancheria Creek Bridge around the Kokanee work center. Past the work center the trail follows a road past Bear Butte, where it continues along a ridge until it loses elevation, crossing Rancheria Creek at Badger Flat Campground. The trail proceeds through the campground to the intersection of the Kaiser Pass Trail.

China Peak Trail - (more difficult) 3.0 miles
The trail intersects the Rancheria Trail approximately 1/8 mile past the Kokanee work center. It crosses Highway 168 and proceeds to the Huntington Heliport. From here you have an excellent view of Huntington Lake. The trail proceeds to the lower China Peak Ski Resort parking lot adjacent to Big Creek and Camp Gold Arrow.